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On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Neale Banks wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, [iso-8859-1] Áts Attila wrote:
> > have any of you ever heard of or used a RAID controller
> > that is capable of "RAIDing" with IDE disks? Is there
> > suuport for a card like this in Linux?
> A couple of years ago, I saw a hardware RAID controller which presented to
> the host SCSI as a disk but used multiple IDE drives for storage (thus
> implementing the "I" in RAID ;-).
> Once set up, such a gizmo *should* look like a regular SCSI disk to the
> system and thus pose no compatibility problems.
> Sorry, I can't find any references to this beastie nor do I know the
> requirements for setting it up nor if there might be any compatibility
> issues lurking in there.  Anyone else got a pointer?

We use one here. It's a RAID5 setup with 6 IDE drives, which appear as a regular
SCSI disk to a linux box. Physically, it's a 4U box with hotswappable drives.
The box itself handles all the RAID duties. Works flawlessly now (had some
issues setting it up, as the original box was damaged in transit, but we
received excellent support from ICP). 

The company concerned who produce these boxes are ICP (Industrial Computer
Products), based in Australia (sorry to all you international people). Their
website has details on their product offerings at http://www.icp.net.au.


Andrew Lampert
Assistant Network Manager
Ocean Internet

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