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Re: very long passwd

Just add a wrapper before procesing any incoming mail which auth on mysql.


Antes de pasar el mail al delivery añade un nivel de chequeo via wrapper (ahora que lo pienso puedes hacerlo tb añadiendolo como status de retorno de una regla que definas) y que sea quien autentifique en el mysql.


At 11:40 04/08/00 +0200, Joaquin Ferrero wrote:
I have 200.000 users. The most part only have email service.
The file /etc/passwd es very, very long... but es necessary for IMAP server
to check the home directory for every user.

nss_mysql is the only solution?

Now, I have mysql to auth users for proftpd & apache via PAM (pam_mysql)

Sendmail can't delivery emails to not existents users (it check /etc/passwd).
IMAP server need /etc/passwd for check user & home dir. With pam_mysql check the
user but not the home dir.

Any solution for only-email users without /etc/passwd file???

How can to have many users easy?

    Joaquin Ferrero

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