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Re: Inherited ISP host configuration nightmare

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Gene Grimm wrote:

The easiest thing I can think of is ipportfw.  Why not just forward
the mail or http ports to the other machine.  (probably the http
in this case).  Maybe setup a simple ip chain on the mail ports
to keep track of how much data goes through them, or even logging
the ips of the users who go through.  (cross reference with access
logs and you should have an idea of which clients to have your
support department contact when they aren't too busy).

Puts a little extra load on the linux box, but I am sure it can
handle it.  

> Upon reviewing host configurations created by my predecessor, I
> inherited a nightmare. DNS was misconfigured from the start, causing
> dial-up clients to use a SMTP/POP3 hostname of "domain.com" instead of
> "mail.domain.com". We need "domain.com" to resolve to the NT web server
> for "http://domain.com"; requests and to the Linux mail server for mail
> client software. It will take a few months to migrate clients to a new
> SMTP/POP3 host name. Does anyone know how to best handle this on the
> Linux host in the interim? Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
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