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Re: followup: inittab weirdness?

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 02:48:57PM -0500, Security wrote:
> Tried the egrep -r (through the entire filesystem) and ttyS3  shows up in
> /dev/mem, /dev/core, /dev/kmem/, /etc/inittab and in /var/run/stab, some
> docs,/usr/include/asm/serial.h and in the logs.
> Thanks for the tip, Chet! Much cleaner than "for i in `find /dir`; do ls -l
> &&cat $i|grep ttyS0;done"

Yuck.  That's not how to use find!

The simple way to write what you're doing above is

  find /dir -exec grep ttyS0 {} \;

though I myself would eliminate all the forking and search only files

  find /dir -type f | xargs grep inittab

I agree with the other poster that searching for ttyS0 is probably a
waste of time.


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