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Re: Hubless network?

Put box 2 on 192.168.3.X instead. I suspect you have box 1 & box 2 setup with
a subnet mask that makes them think they are on the same subnet and so ARP
for the address locally instead of passing the traffic to your router.


On Sun, 27 Aug 2000 03:23:01 Peter Billson wrote:
>   I am trying to avoid using a hub (hub goes *poof* neither machine can
> talk to the Net) to connect 2 internal machines to the net through a
> Linux box configured as a router. The box has three NIC cards as
> follows:
> eth0 - connection to my Internet gateway (
> eth1 - connection to box 1 (
> eth2 - connection to box 2 (
> My route is set up as follows:
> Destination	Gateway 	Genmask 	Iface
>	eth2
>	eth1
>	eth0
>		eth0
> My problem is the box 1 can't talk to box 2. Either can talk to the
> router, to the outside world, to the gateway, etc. They both
> can even talk to both eth1 and eth2, just not the other box. What am I
> missing?
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