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Re: AMD Duron CPU & Debian

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 05:15:36PM -0600, John Gonzalez/netMDC admin wrote:
> What kind of problems have you run into with the Adaptec card? I'm using
> that card and software RAID, and i've run into hard lock problems. I
> attributed it to the RAID code, but it could be the card.

In slink, the installation would hang up after failing to properly
puzzle out which driver to load into the kernel. The workaround was to 
grab the boot floppy image that was tailored to it.

In the first frozen potato I was seeing scads of I/O timeouts on
disk access. Again, though, I haven't tried it since the first frozen
version. It may be okay now, or okay using the 'idepci' images.

> As for the NIC's that you talk about, we run 3c905's but i'm not sure if
> they are the C version or not, we havent had any problems with them, but
> we havent been pushing much traffic at all. More info on that as well
> would be appreciated.

The latest 3C905's (3C905C-TXM) don't run under the old common Linux
driver -- but 3Com links to some suitable source code from their site.
I've had no trouble out of them. I've heard from quite a few folks
that the 3C905C is unsupported, but in each case have found that they
were trying to use the common Linux driver, not the one provided by
3Com. Whether or not potato's '905 driver is the old one or something
newer I don't know.

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