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Re: 2500 Linux workstation !

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 10:00:59AM -0700, Simon Tennant wrote:
> > Multiply that by 2500 and that's 75G of
> > data transfer, it would be 2 hours of network transfer on 100baseT if you
> > didn't have timeouts and retransmits.  Of course with that load you would
> > have heaps of timeouts and it would take much longer...
> Catalan, The Pre-Boot eXecution Environment (PXE) could also make your
> life simpler. As the name suggests you could download a fresh image to the
> hard disk
> every couple of days/reboots and then boot locally.
> This way if you are ever worried about the integrity of a machine just
> pull down a disk image you trust. PXE is also supposed to be more Windows
> friendly if you have users that way inclined.
> Nilo (www.nilo.org), the successor to the netboot and the etherboot
> projects has PXE support.

There is also "bpbatch" - www.bpbatch.org com? which is a PXE extension.
I use it for full automated installation and bootp/tftp booting the debian

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