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Re: AMD Duron CPU & Debian

On Thu, Aug 24, 2000 at 10:05:46PM +0100, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> I had a machine with a 2940 lock up after a fair few SCSI bus resets. I
> compiled up the latest 2.2.17 pre release which has the latest driver in
> it and turned off tagged command queuing and haven't seen a problem
> since.

I finally bit the bullet a few days ago and installed potato on one of
the machines I was concerned about. Using the 'compact' images and a
network install, it worked well. It turns out that the 3C905C driver is
in the package and works well, and the AHA-2940-U2W just came right up
and ran without a problem. ('compact' is sporting a 2.2.14pre-something
kernel -- could be 2.2.16 would have barfed, I don't know.)

One thing it wouldn't do was reach out to the internet for the HTTP
installation, but it could have been something I did wrong, while in
a hurry. It would get to things on my local subnet, though, so I setup
a ProxyPass directive on Apache in another machine and sneak around 
the problem. Once the installation was fully in, the new install had 
no trouble reaching the internet. I don't know what I did wrong, aside
from being constantly interrupted and more-or-less autopiloting my way
through the procedure, trusting it to be a lot like it has been in the
past... it worked, I'm happy, can't ask for much more than that.

----   Art Sackett   ----

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