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RE: MySQL vs. Postgres

We run mySQL here and created an application with PHP3/4 to interface with
the SQL engine. I will tell you now, that we re-wrote all the php pages into
ANSI C as the performance was PATHETIC. (p2 350 with 256 megs of ram) The
performance was 10 times faster than php. Another thing that I notice about
mySQL is that it's load can get rather high if you have a large database.
(we have 5k records in a realestate database so there's a pile of fields too
that we have broken into 50 different tables to optimize the searches).

If you plan on running a dynamic website, we aware of the following issues.
1) You will need more horsepower that you likely think. (true in my
experience with this solution)
2) Search engines will NOT index php pages or asp pages and the like nearly
as well as static pages. This is a big deal if you are looking for traffic
to this site.
3) If you decided to go this way, offload the mySQL to a box on it's own,
you will see marked improvement. We moved ours to a 700 with 512 megs of ram
and it's almost acceptable. (we get a few searches a minute, not a lot, but
definately busy)

My 2 and a half cents....

Scott Thompson
Programming & Server Admin
Internet Brokers Group
Office: (403) 232-1032
Fax: (403) 265-2843

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where setting up some servers for a small ISP,
they want to have a SQL database, but i`m in
doubt. Which one would you recommend, mysql or postgres?
The SQL database will be used in combination with PHP3 (or 4)
to generate dynamic websites.


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