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Re: inittab weirdness?

Jeremy and Russell;

Thanks for more pieces of the puzzle. The offending code is actually in

the  chattr +i /etc/inittab command nuked the behaviour but I'll edit that
script to fix it when I get to the console on the laptop

The relevant lines in /etc/pcmcia/serial:

       echo "S$NR:12345:respawn:$INITTAB $DEVICE" >> /etc/inittab
        fgrep -v $DEVICE /etc/inittab > /etc/inittab.new
        mv /etc/inittab.new /etc/inittab

Big thanks to everyone for the suggestions, tips and pointers.

And in case no one realized it the command in an earlier post

"for i in `find /dir`; do ls -l &&cat $i|grep string;done"

was a tongue in cheek joke, but it would find the string and the file its in.

Thats the coolest thing about the Linux command line tools. Being able to
obtain the same results by varying methods.

Thanks again.

>I haven't looked at Debian's pcmcia startup script.
>But I think you could comment out any lines that update the inittab and
>restart it. Something like:
>#        echo "S$NR:12345:respawn:$INITTAB $DEVICE" >> /etc/inittab
>#        telinit q
>Or is there some variable (maybe $INITTAB) that is checked? If so, maybe
>comment out the lines that define it.
>Hope this helps...
>  Jeremy C. Reed
>     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...
>     http://bsd.reedmedia.net/

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