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RE: routing

  Alright I've run into another problem or maybe I'm just dumb. is the main router connected to the internet.
  (eth0) is the device connected via ethernet to the main router on the linux
  router/bridge. (eth1) goes to the client (
  The main router is a cisco and its routes look like:
  ip route Serial0/1
  ip route Ethernet0/0
  ip route

  The linux router/bridge has routes of:      *      UH    0      0        0 eth1      *        U     0      0        0 eth0
  default         UG    1      0        0 eth0

  The client has a gw of  When I try to ping the main
  router from the client it doesn't work.  tcpdump on eth1 shows:
  06:33:35.687012 arp who-has tell

  Nothing shows up on eth0.  When I try to ping from the
  main router ( tcpdump on eth0 shows:
  06:48:45.166405 > icmp: echo request

  On eth1:
  6:49:50.926361 > icmp: echo request
  06:49:50.929978 arp who-has tell
  06:49:52.928131 > icmp: echo request
  06:49:52.931469 arp who-has tell

  Is it something wrong with my routes?  Or do I just suck?  Thanks.

Kevin - cog@iwz.com

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