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Re: AMD Duron CPU & Debian

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 08:03:47AM +1000, ridgey wrote:
> Has anyone had any problems using the new AMD Duron CPU and running Debian?

Haven't tried the Duron, but the Athlons seem to work fine.

> I have been running Debian on the K6 chips without tomany dramas.  Also I
> spose I should ask if anyone has had any problems running on Socket A
> M/Board's.

No problems with the ASUS K7M that I've seen. I've got a few around
here running the K7M with Athlons, and the previously problematic
Adaptec AHA2940-U2W SCSI host adapters, along with the 3Com 3C905C
NICs that some folks have had problems with (owing to failing to
compile the -C driver, I think). So far, not a hiccup out of any of
them, in slink (Debian 2.1).

Speaking of which, has anyone got the released potato working with
the AHA2940 host adapter? I had some problems with it throwing I/O
timeout errors on disk read/write, right around the time potato first 
went into frozen. I haven't tried it since, and don't really want to 
take any machines down for an extended (costly) bugfinding mission.
It looks like there's a boot floppy image designed just for these
kinds of things (the 'idepci' image) but I'm kinda nervous now...

----   Art Sackett   ----

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