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Re: Inherited ISP host configuration nightmare

> he's probably better off using squid on the linux box as an http
> accelerator. much easier to configure, just set it up to accelerate for
> virtual domains and that's it.
> squid is also a lot faster and avoids the delays inherent in sending a
> redirect (browser queries apache, apache sends redirect, browser queries
> 2nd server).

This is true and I like squid, I use it, but it runs the risk of not being
transparent enough.  You end up having to special case sites, and one of the
things it can't do is M$ authentication.

> after a week or so (when you know that you wont need to revert to the
> old setup because everything is working fine), recycle the NT box -
> format it and install debian.

Ah why wait... you know it's the only really long term solution *grin*...

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