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Mail problems

We had a problem with a name record that other day that failed it to load
thus causing some email problems.  Since then ( around 2 days ago now ) we
fixed the name record and made sure it loaded without errors, updated serial
# etc.   Now we have these SMTP data timeouts all through the logs, I
understand it will take some time for the the correct name record to filter
back trhough but 2 days??? some mail from outside hosts is getting in and
delivered but around 70% is not.   Any help ideas appreciated.


2000-08-29 17:56:16 13TgAt-0005a2-00 SMTP data timeout (message abandoned)
on co
nnection from popclient-02.iinet.net.au (celtic.iinet.net.au)
2000-08-29 17:56:17 SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from
at9msn3) []
2000-08-29 17:56:21 SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from
02.mail.au.uu.net (mta02.mail.mel.aone.net.au) []
2000-08-29 17:56:25 13TgFr-0005cN-00 <= johnm@xanadu.net.au H=acay.com.au
c.acay.com.au) [] P=esmtp S=10933

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