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Re: RADIUS support for caller ID and call-back

Hello All,

I've got something wrong somewhere and I'm trying to figure out where.

> > Hello,
> >
> >> you firstly need to get caller-id switched onto all the phone lines in
> >> question.
> > I suppose our telco has this on by default so all I need to do now is...
I'm not sure about this now, perhaps not since I'm not getting any
telephone numbers  on my radius.log.

> >> Then you need to add an id line in your radius dictionary for the
> >> caller id.
> > ... but i don't know how, so...
> >
> >> not quite sure of the id number, if you cant find let me know
> >> and i will dig it up.
> > please do.
> >
> ok, cd to /etc/raddb
> edit your dictionary file and add:
> ATTRIBUTE       Calling-Station-Id      31      string
and his line already exists in /etc/raddb/dictionary.

> restart radius and then watch the radius.log for next caller , should be
> just under called-station id.

> Let me know how you go.
> Ridgey

Attached is my radius.log tailed.

keeping my fingers crossed,


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