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Virtual Addresses on new server

I have five IP's with my DSL (very, very small ISP). On my current server, I have all five working. However, when setting up a new server, two of the five are not visible.

My range is - 125, with 126 being the gateway. This is defined as the last three bits of the range, ie 0111 1xxx. I have set up a netmask of .248 (1111 1000), and a broadcast of various values ranging from .7 ( 0000 0111), .127 (0111 1111), .135 (1000 0111).

The addresses that work are 121-123 (0111 1001 - 0111 1011), ie I only get in trouble when the third bit is set (goes to 1).

Any ideas? Obviously, I do not understand broadcast values as I have been playing around with them a lot (I also used .255 once). From what I've seen and read, I really don't think that is the problem, though.

All these addresses work just fine on the old box ( 2.0.38 kernel ). I am having problems with potato ( 2.2.17 kernel) I have set ipchains to accept everything.

I am attaching /etc/network/interfaces from the new box, and /etc/init.d/setvirtual from the old one. Note that the latter is something I kludged together.

Any help would be appreciated.


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