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Re: very long passwd

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 11:40:11AM +0200, Joaquin Ferrero wrote:
> I have 200.000 users. The most part only have email service.
> The file /etc/passwd es very, very long... but es necessary for IMAP server
> to check the home directory for every user.
> nss_mysql is the only solution?
> Now, I have mysql to auth users for proftpd & apache via PAM (pam_mysql)
> Sendmail can't delivery emails to not existents users (it check /etc/passwd).
> IMAP server need /etc/passwd for check user & home dir. With pam_mysql check the
> user but not the home dir.
> Any solution for only-email users without /etc/passwd file???

You can tell sendmail to not look at /etc/passwd.

This is the 'F=w' flag in sendmail for your local mailer.

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