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Dual port serial card required

Hi fellow Debian ISP'ers.

In the past I've helped out a Net Cafe in a small town in Mexico get their dial-up going, so the local people don't get fleeced by the telco's.

They were running 2 lines, but now need to expand. Problem is, we can't locate a dual port serial card locally, and they're not charging the sort of rate where they can go out and buy a Cyclades multiport card.

Does any kind soul out there have a 2 port serial card with 16550's and the ability to use IRQs 5 and up, just lying around collecting dust.

If so, please reply to me. We could make the people in this little Mexican pueblo very happy.

Thanks. You are now returned to your regular programming.....

Andrew P. Gardner

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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