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I've a problem with a squid demon on a firewall.

There are:

network A (62.156.x.x) on eth0
network B  (192.168.100.x) on eth1
isdn-interface AVM on ippp0 

default routing to eth0
internal routing to eth1
route add -net netmask gw dev ippp0
   with as dial-in router

Squid config:

cache_peer parent 3128 3130 


icp_query_timeout 5000 


acl externe-server dstdomain external.com external.de
acl interne-server dst

always_direct allow externe-server
always_direct allow interne-server
never_direct deny externe-server
never_direct deny interne-server
never_direct allow all                    

All workstations have to use the proxy to surf in the internet.
A work-flow program connectes via default-route to the (external) server. This
programm is html-based! (->Squid)

Now my problem:
Sometimes squid shows the following error-message in cache.log:
2000/08/15 08:17:19| Failed to select source for
2000/08/15 08:17:19|   always_direct = -1
2000/08/15 08:17:19|    never_direct = 1
2000/08/15 08:17:19|        timedout = 0
2000/08/15 08:17:23| Failed to select source for
2000/08/15 08:17:23|   always_direct = -1
2000/08/15 08:17:23|    never_direct = 1
2000/08/15 08:17:23|        timedout = 1                                

What can i do???


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