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Re: Mail problems

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, ridgey wrote:

> We had a problem with a name record that other day that failed it to load
> thus causing some email problems.  Since then ( around 2 days ago now ) we
> fixed the name record and made sure it loaded without errors, updated serial
> # etc.   Now we have these SMTP data timeouts all through the logs, I
> understand it will take some time for the the correct name record to filter
> back trhough but 2 days??? some mail from outside hosts is getting in and
> delivered but around 70% is not.   Any help ideas appreciated.

You didn't tell us what the TTL (time to live) is. You may need to be

> 2000-08-29 17:56:16 13TgAt-0005a2-00 SMTP data timeout (message abandoned)
> on co
> nnection from popclient-02.iinet.net.au (celtic.iinet.net.au)
> []

I almost missed your logs -- it was way below your signature.

I don't think this "SMTP data timeout" is now DNS related. You should
start looking at your mail server configs. If using Exim, you may want to
try using the Exim directive.
smtp_receive_timeout = 20m
smtp_receive_timeout = 1h

  Jeremy C. Reed
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