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[no subject] 3.0r1 DVD/netinst images 3.0r1 update images now available "Aaargh - 26 files could not be downloaded" ADD vendor for Official CD : Conostix [Luxembourg & Belgium] (ad) Internet Domain Free Auction Site - Visit NOW ! AllDebian, TuxCDs not responding and product didn't come Automatic download mode for jigdo? BRLTTY on cd1 Broken links and info on Colombian vendors of Debian Bug#175952: 3.0r1 and jigdo: current/ does still point to 3.0r0 Bug#175952: "current" area for jigdo files still points to 3.0r0 Bug#175952: marked as done ( 3.0r1 and jigdo: current/ does still point to 3.0r0) CD Downloads cd-image-mirror, http should be removed Debain jigdo "stable" points to 3.0r0 Debian 3.0r1 CD Images? Re: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r1 question about a r1 only cd. Debian install server down non-us stable jigdo files mirror DVD stuff Hallo Olli , kennst du mich noch ? <g> help with rsync + win 9x update I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working Images of Debian Re: [important] CVS-generated email shouldn't go here jidgo problems jigdo?? jigdo 0.6.9 Re: jigdo 3.0r1 files jigdo PPC 3.0r1 files jigdo rocks [job #15092] debian 3.0r1 libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 package in Debian 3.0r1 Linux Users Group md5sum of source images? Merging CDs back into distribution tree? mirror on Peru being shutdown More info on 3.0r1 update images Re: newbie - debian 3.0ro to 3.0r1 possible ? Newsletter Anmeldung Official testing NetInst cds being weekly built Order never received Processed: reassigning to Processed: Re: Bug#178331: 157014 still appears in 3.0r1 Some question about making customized CD specialize Woody distribution '' Vendor Woes Tuxcds: egg on my face UNIVERSIDAD EN LINEA unsubscribe Update Updates to entry for Linux Romput in Vendors: AllDebian = TuxCDs?? Warning, CD-ROM order with Re: Where to download Debian 2.2 Why can't I get .jigdo and .template files for testing? Windows: problem using jigdo woody for alpha? wrong link in jigdo-area on The last update was on 16:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 150 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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