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Re: [job #15092] debian 3.0r1

El Jue 09 Ene 2003 23:20, Marcel Kunath escribió:
> I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing here. I looked at:
> http://non-us.cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/3.0_r1/jigdo/i386/
> and all I can see is 3.0r1 iso images.
> I am looking for a single iso image that includes
> the difference between 3.0r0 and 3.0r1
> and is somehow automated making a person who has a full 7 CD 3.0r0 set
> able to use a single CD to update their version release to 3.0r1.

	Yes, don't worry, we _know_ what are you talking about. :-)

	Steve simply said that he has not-yet-public jigdo files for building update 
CDs from 3.0r0 to 3.0r1. Only wait a few days (hello Richard! :-) and the 
magic will come. ;-)

	Only a few days...

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