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jigdo 0.6.9


yes, it did happen! This version contains a rather large number of
changes, so I'm bound to have messed up /something/ - if you've got a
few minutes, please test it now!

Changes since 0.6.8:

  - jigdo-lite: New batch mode - if you enter (or supply on the
    command line) several files/URLs, all the questions are only asked
    once before the first download. Furthermore, the program *always*
    asks for Debian/Non-US mirror URLs, it only asks for "Files to
    scan" once, it always downloads all images offered by all .jigdo
    files, and it does not stop immediately after errors, but
    continues with the next image.
  - You can enter URLs like "http://server/cd-{1_NONUS,2,3}.jigdo"; and
    they'll be expanded to several separate URLs.
  - jigdo-lite: --scan command line option to avoid "Files to scan"
  - By popular demand, always use wget's --continue switch, except
    when fetching .jigdo files. This *will* cause severe breakage in
    the case that someone starts the download of a .template of
    fsn.hu's daily snapshot on one day, and resumes it the next day,
    but that's just a problem people will have to be aware of. :-/
  - jigdo-lite: Use --force-directories, allows --continue to be used
    for individual package downloads. (Previously, all downloaded
    .debs etc were stored directly in the tmp dir, so --continue could
    not be used because there are e.g. several files named
    "driver-1.bin" on Debian servers.)
  - jigdo-lite: Use a separate temporary dir for each new download.
    This allows you to run several jigdo-lite instances in the same
    dir at the same time.
  - jigdo-lite: When temporary dir is already present, scan its
    contents *before* downloading the first batch of files
    (Goswin Brederlow and others)
  - jigdo-file: Default for --min-length is now 1k by default, the
    hardwired absolute minimum is 256 bytes (used to be 4k/1k)
  - jigdo-file make-template: Changed heuristics when dropping
    possible file matches. Difficult to explain... essentially,
    together with the previous change, .template files for Debian CDs
    will get quite a bit smaller (Santiago Garcia Mantinan)
  - On Windows, fail with meaningful error for images >2GB (ATM, we
    don't have big file support with MinGW GCC)
  - Fixed compilation error with gcc 3 and --without-libdb (Attila)
  - Improved check for getopt_long support in configure script, it
    failed on FreeBSD 5 (Attila Nagy)
  - Added jigdo.pot to output, including initial German translation
  - configure script: Made --without-gui the default, as people have
    problems compiling with GTK & libwww, and the GUI is useless ATM
  - jigdo-lite: Misc fixes to make it work with mingw under Windows
  - jigdo-lite accepts --help and --version options
  - jigdo-lite: Changed timeout from wget's default 15 minutes to just
    30 seconds (only has an effect if no ~/.jigdo-lite present)
  - debian-mirrors.jigdo: Bugfix in creation script (HTTP/FTP paths on
    server were swapped), omit FTP URL if HTTP access possible
    (Phil Hands)
  - Build environment: Fix for bug in depend.awk, which made it output
    dependencies on .ih files when it shouldn't
  - jigdo-file make-template: Prevent infinite loop if I/O error
    occurs during scanning of files (Blars Blarson)
  - jigdo-file make-template: Fixed bug which could lead to
    segmentation faults if the image contained a long, but only
    partial match of a file, and another long partial match of another
    file within the "outer" partial match.
  - jigdo-file make-template: Bugfix - server line was sometimes added
    to [Image] section when using --merge
  - jigdo-file make-template: Fix for bug which is extremely unlikely
    in practice, caused segfault if read() returned <32 bytes or so
    while reading start of file.
  - jigdo-file make-template bugfix: Now creates properly quoted
    entries in [Parts] sections for filenames containing spaces or
    characters like "'\
  - Improved handling of invalid cache files (created if disc gets
    full during cache update): Instead of crashing, jigdo-file prints
    an error. However, libdb still corrupts the cache file.
    (Dmitry E. Melamud, Petr Slansky)

Jigdo homepage:           <http://atterer.net/jigdo/>
Source code:              <http://atterer.net/jigdo/jigdo-0.6.9.tar.bz2>
Statically linked binary: <http://atterer.net/jigdo/jigdo-bin-0.6.9.tar.bz2>
Downloading Debian CDs:   <http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/>

Apt-able i386 .debs (no sources) are at:
deb http://home.in.tum.de/~atterer/debian unstable jigdo



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