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Re: Merging CDs back into distribution tree?

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Christian Leber wrote:
> Doesn't matter, the first CD will be easily enough to bring up
> networking and install the rest from the net.

There are a few other details which I was trying to
skip to save you time. Oh well. :)

I am trying to build a modem-sharing setup... for my awesome
33.6k dialup connection. Woo hoo. Actually the average speed
is 31.6k or 28.8k, but that's what you get when you live ten
miles out in the middle of nowhere. (No, I'm not gonna pay
$600 for a high-latentcy satellite connection.)

Meanwhile I am trying to use the external modem I use with
Win98. For some reason the laptop is unable to use the modem
at a serial line speed in excess of 19200 baud. Any higher
and the modem returns random garbage, while it works just
fine under Win98. I assume a laptop config problem at this

I am told that Kermit lurks somwhere on that CD set, so for
now the goal is to get kermit on the test system since it
allows direct serial line control, so I can do some testing
to figure out what the serial line problem is.

Connecting to an online distribution is a real pain and
takes a very long time at 19200 baud. Plus since I don't
really know what I'm doing yet, I am regularly wiping out
the install, reformatting and trying again. Therefore I'd
rather not use an online source since I end up redownloading
the same data everytime I reinstall. And since the drive in
question is only about 4 gig, there ain't enough room to
make a separate partition and download the while 6 gig
distribution directory into it.

So anyway, as I was saying, I need some way to access the
CD set via my Win98 box, over the 10mbit LAN... and yes, I
_really_ _do_ want to do that. It'd be far simpler than just
about any other option. :)

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