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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 04:11:52AM +0000, Tom Goulet wrote:
> Jigdo (er, jigdo-lite anyways) stops after downloading ten packages, and
> them makes an ISO image.  It seemed to me that jigdo-lite was
> malfunctioning.  That would not have happened with Wget.

<shrug> jigdo just does things differently.

> > I found it easiest to Google for the missing file and download it to the 
> > working directory. Next time I restart Jigdo this file is picked up.
> That sounds incredibly tedious.  And, I don't need to do that with Wget.

It isn't necessary to google for missing files! (At least with jigdo-lite, 
dunno about jigdo-easy. BTW, jigdo-easy is a "fork" of jigdo-lite.)

You probably noticed a few "404 not found" messages and thought that the
download would fail because of them. That is not the case - jigdo
*automatically* switches mirrors in this case! Just let it run and do its



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