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Ok, so I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the current set of Debian CD images, all to find out that the ONE and ONLY site (the one referenced on the Debian website) that hosts the "jigdo" client app is down...  I even went through a few search engines, trying to see if I could find the client elsewhere, but no such luck.  In the time I wasted trying to figure this stuff out, I could have been a great deal closer to having downloaded the images, and on to bigger and better things...  Instead I am unable to get the Debian images at all because I can't get some off-the-wall download client that is only (un)available from some dude's personal website.
When you guys get things all sorted out over there, I'd love to hear of a way I can actually get my hands on the current Debian images.  Until then, I think I'll give Mandrake a try.

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