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Re: Tuxcds: egg on my face

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 Vance_Petree@dom.com wrote:

> What ironic  and embarrassing timing  --- my Tuxcds.com  order arrived
> today!  All indications are that  it really *was* mailed on 12/18, and
> has simply taken a (leisurely)  first-class time getting to me. So the
> real culprit seems  to have been the USPS. The  package is not damaged
> in any way, all the CDs look to be in good shape (I'll give them all a
> spin shortly  to be sure).   Evidently, this little parcel  has simply
> been gathering dust on a shelf  or in a bin while government employees
> labored furtively around it.

Well as we do mailorder in Australia I am not surprised by this outcome of 
the situation. I am sure TuxCD fights the same problems we fight. On 
occasion we are at fault of circumstantial delays of a package but most 
often its the delivery service that is at fault either delaying a package 
by two weeks or losing it outright. 

To give an example of the lunacy we as Linux retailers (and other mailorders 
companies) have to deal with. Australia Post just implemented "ID Verified" 
stickers for all packages going overseas. 

So if ANYBODY wants to send a package via Australia Post they need to present 
ID. Its a recent policy in support of "Australia Be Alert Not Alarmed" 
motto to terroristic threats. Not sure why they expect terrorists don't have 
ID. Or do they issue ID now stating: "I am a terrorist threat."? Anyhow I had 
to send a package to New Zealand yesterday and I didn't have ID on me. Let's 
just say it was an emabarrassing situation with a queue of 10 customers at 
closing time. 

You can all feel safer now. Every, well almost every =), overseas package 
from Australia was properly checked for ID. No threats coming from this 
island anymore.

> Although it would  have been nice to have my  emails answered (my only
> remaining complaint),  in this instance  (at least) tuxcds was  not at
> fault in any  way. After reading some of the other  posts in this list
> archive, I was  getting a little worried. But I'll  give them the best
> vindication any customer  can --- I'll order my  next Debian dist from
> them, although I think I'll pick Priority Mail next time. :-)
> An unexpected and  pleasant side effect of this  (non) problem was the
> number of  sympathetic emails  I got from  *other* Debian  CD vendors,
> offering  to  help in  various  ways if  I  couldn't  get this  matter
> resolved. Thanks, folks,  for renewing my faith in  human, Debian, and
> Linuxian nature!

=) They just wanted your business, not help you out. j/k


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