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"Aaargh - 26 files could not be downloaded"

(I think this is the right mailing list for this question, but if I'm 
wrong, please tell me where I should ask)

I get this error message when trying to use jigdo to download sid disk 
"Aaargh - 26 files could not be downloaded."
I get similar error messages when downloading disks 1-5. I'm using 
http://ftp.kfki.hu/debian/ as my Debian mirror, and 
http://ftp.kfki.hu/debian-non-US/ as my non-US mirror.

Disk 1 was missing netatalk_1.6.0-2_i386.deb. After searching the web, I 
couldn't find this file, I could only find netatalk_1.6.0-4_i386.deb. 
I'm assuming that disks 2-4 are having similar problems. How can I fix 

Tom Panning

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