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Re: 'tuxcds.com' Vendor Woes


Your order was shipped 12/18. Here are the details:

Item: 233
Print Date & Time: 12/18/2002  6:49 PM
Ship Date: 12/18/2002
Account: 507624
Device ID: 071V00507624
Type: Stamp
Postage Amount: $ 2.67

Address: Vance Petree
 2903 Parkwood Ave
 Richmond, VA 23221-3532

Piece Count: 207
Postage Class: First Class
Weight: 11 oz
Delivery Confirm: N/A
Balance: $ 0.38
Result Code: Normal
Reference ID:
Group Code: 0

I would imagine the delay is due to holidays in the postal system, but I am
not sure. If you do not receive your order within the next couple days, I
will issue you a replacement order.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know!

Best Regards,

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Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 10:40 PM
Subject: 'tuxcds.com' Vendor Woes

> I placed  an order with  tuxcds.com back on  12/17 which I've  not yet
> received.   Even allowing  for slower  holiday shipping  throughput, I
> think  I  should  have  gotten  this  order  by  now.   My  emails  to
> 'sales@tuxcds.com' and 'shipping@tuxcds.com' haven't been answered, so
> I've started doing a little  research, and I've been chagrined to find
> a number  of other customers have  had problems quite  similar to mine
> (unreceived orders, unanswered emails). Several of them have posted to
> this mailing list ---  and interestingly enough, someone at tuxcds.com
> *does* answer  those messages (at least,  most of the  time), and even
> seeks to resolve the problems.
> So, this message is something  of an experiment. Before pursuing other
> options, I thought  I'd post my problem here in the  hopes that it can
> be  resolved amicably  and  satisfactorily with  tuxcds.com (via  this
> indirect email connection).  At this point I'm willing to believe that
> tuxcds simply  has a  little *too* much  web automation for  their own
> good, without a human eye providing some QA checking to be sure orders
> are actually  shipped or emails  answered.  (OTOH, my credit  card was
> charged with handsome and breathtaking rapidity.)
> To tuxcds.com: I'd really like to receive order #11083. Can you help?
> To the maintainers of the Debian Vendor List: You may want to consider
> qualifying some of your vendor listings as 'Casino' options as opposed
> to actual purchasing opportunities.
> I'll  post followups  as  necessary  so other  list  readers can  make
> informed decisions when ordering Debian CDs.
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