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Re: CD Downloads

On Thursday 02 January 2003 01:19 pm, summer@computerdatasafe.com.au wrote:
> I have July CD images of Woody that I'd like to update with Jigdo.
> Unfortunately, the Jigdo templates are all dated July; if one uses Jigdo
> the one gets r0 and not r1.
> DVD images would be nice too.

You don't mention the site you are using , but.. the link for the US mirror on 
Debian/CD points to current which is july jigdos. If you navigate up the tree 
you will find 3.0r1 jigdo stuff, still no non-us.cdimage, it must be down?, 
which is where I found the 3.0r0 jigdo for DVD's.

Greg Madden

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