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Re: Merging CDs back into distribution tree?

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Richard Atterer wrote:
> If you copy each CD's contents to a separate directory, made available e.g.
> as <>, <> etc, then add the following
> lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:
> deb stable main contrib
> deb stable main contrib
> etc.
> Having done that, run "dselect update".

That "sort of" worked. Windoze 98 does not know what to do
with a unix "soft link" file, so it became a zero-length
undefined file and dselect could not find anything.

I have no idea why it's important to have four different
names all for the same file location (stable, unstable, and
frozen point to woody) but from checking the Serv-U FTP log
on Windows, it appears all dselect wants is to get into the
"stable" directory and apparantly doesn't care about
unstable or frozen.

So I deleted the invalid "stable" file, and renamed "woody"
to "stable". It works, dselect is happy... and it installs
stuff okay.. but I've no idea if it'll break later because
"unstable" and "frozen" still don't go anywhere..

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