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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

I'll try to get across my somewhat frustrating experience and then give

> It's something you want; not a problem.

It's something *Debian* wants, not me.

> Download, unpack, read the readme.; installation done!

I don't need to do that with Wget.

> Readme file sez "click on runme"; not difficult.

I never met anything labelled "runme".  I don't need to do that with

> I'm using jigdo-easy; shell script asks for a mirror or a search term. I 
> use "United States", you might use "Canada". Not difficult.

I do need to do that with Wget.

What's Jigdo-Easy?

> Jigdo-easy keeps asking for hands.com; I didn't feel any need to work 
> around it.
> Keeps going to us.cdimage.debian.org, too. No problem here.

I don't need to do that with Wget.

> This was enough to get  the .jigdo and .template files.

I don't need to do that with Wget.

> I thought the running totals were adequate.

Would've been if I had known they were totalling the right things.  I
don't need to do that with Wget.

> >- I had to realise that when it was building the ISO file Jigdo was not
> >  really thinking it was finished
> I don't understand; must be a perceptual problem.

Jigdo (er, jigdo-lite anyways) stops after downloading ten packages, and
them makes an ISO image.  It seemed to me that jigdo-lite was
malfunctioning.  That would not have happened with Wget.

> I found it easiest to Google for the missing file and download it to the 
> working directory. Next time I restart Jigdo this file is picked up.

That sounds incredibly tedious.  And, I don't need to do that with Wget.

> If one download site doesn't work wouldn't you try another? After a few 
> duds, wouldn't you ask around for a known good download site. Doesn't sound 
> difficult.

I tried three sites, they all worked, they just didn't have all the
packages.  Another problem that wouldn't happen with Wget.

> >- I had to tell it to switch mirrors
> ...but it's not difficult....

It's more difficult than not switching mirrors.

> >- I had to figure out what to do *then* when it couldn't download some
> >  files
> ...I've described what I do. It's easy.

I wouldn't have to do that with Wget either.

> >- I had to find an Rsync mirror
> I like rsync - but I think Jigdo is easier. The rsync syntax is difficult. 
> Use jigdo instead.

I wouldn't have had to do that with Wget either.

> The instructions in the "Pseudo-Image-Kit" are terse but adequate - this is 
> the "Cygwin" rsync I favor.

I still wouldn't have had to do that with Wget.

> This *is* tough - use jigdo instead.

Please excuse me while I yell.  JIGDO DIDN'T WORK.

I find Rsync to be easy and intuitive.

> Point and click. Not difficult. (This step is in jigdo, by the way.)

It's difficult when the computer you're running Jigdo on is not in your
house.  And I would have been happy enough with the integrity of the
file if Wget had proceeded uninterrupted that I would not have needed to
bother the MD5 sum.

> You do need the -b switch ... but it's not difficult.

I don't use Windows.

> ...but five wget files are not difficult ... are they?

I was counting the trouble of finding a working mirror and the
appropriate directory and file, and yes, that would be difficult.

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