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Re: [job #15092] debian 3.0r1

On Wednesday 08 January 2003 02:54 pm, Marcel Kunath wrote:
> Since Debian has blown up in size so much the chance is unfortunately nil.
> We looked at creating a Debian 3.0r1 Update CD (with some automation
> inside) but even this task is problematic because this business is less
> familiar with the Debian architecture.
> We were looking for a real simple efficient and if possible automated way
> to have Debian 3.0r1 installed using a Debian 3.0r0 CD set with 3.0r1
> Update CD. We could not come up with one. In comparison in Gentoo's case:
> mv /mnt/cdrom/* /usr/portage/distfiles
> emerge -u world
> would do the job.
> Our Debian customers rely on us because they mostly have download limits or
> use dial-up to gain access to Debian. It is simply uneconomical to download
> 7 isos for 11 architectures every time Debian does a new release.

Have you considered using 'jigdo' ?   I updated my 7 cd's in a few hours using 
jigdo. Jigdo basically downloads the difference between the old & new cd 
images then builds a new iso. The DVD is the way to go though :)
Greg Madden

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