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Re: Windows: problem using jigdo

Hi Shi,

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 12:06:30PM -0500, Shi Sherebrin wrote:
> Using Win2K, and the 0.6.8 Windows package, I have not had any sucess so
> far, and hope the list can help.  I've tried searching the archives and
> have found little of help.

I think one other person has reported the same problem as you to me 
privately. It seems to be a problem on Windows, but I've been unable to 
track it down.

> One thing I figured out, that wasn't in any FAQ I read, was that I needed
> to set my Windows PATH to include the folder containing jigdo and its
> various utility programs.

Well, the way it's intended is that you start jigdo-lite by doubleclicking
on the .bat file, not from the command line. The .bat file also sets up 

Can you check whether starting it like that makes a difference for you?



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