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Re: jigdo PPC 3.0r1 files

El Dom 05 Ene 2003 13:15, Richard Atterer escribió:
> On Sat, Jan 04, 2003 at 07:50:46AM -0600, Steve Sether wrote:
> > I've found the jigdo files for the 3.0r1 release
> You haven't, these files have not been released (as indicated by the fact
> that the set isn't complete and that no signed MD5SUMS file is present).
> > but the PPC jigdo files (among others) don't seem to be available yet for
> > 3.0r1.  Are their any estimate when they might be available?
> Sorry, no idea!

	And who depends on, Richard? (/me wants to threaten someone :-)

	I find annoying to offer only some images (alpha, arm, hppa, i386 and 
source), and not each and every image/jigdo file.

	Also, www.d.o/CD is ancient...it points to 3.0r0 images. Why? I feel that it 
would be better to point to 3.0r1 with a NOTE saying 'for blah, blah and blah 
please refer to 3.0r0 images as we haven't got them ready yet.'

	What do you think?

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