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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

At 09:06 PM 1/25/2003 +0000, Tom Goulet wrote:

I suspect there is a perception problem here.

> What problems did you have using jigdo-lite?

- I had to find out what Jigdo was

It's something you want; not a problem.

- I had to install Jigdo

Download, unpack, read the readme.; installation done!

- I had to find out how to run Jigdo

Readme file sez "click on runme"; not difficult.

- I had to find a mirror for Jigdo files

I'm using jigdo-easy; shell script asks for a mirror or a search term. I use "United States", you might use "Canada". Not difficult.

- I had to figure out a workaround for it trying to access

Jigdo-easy keeps asking for hands.com; I didn't feel any need to work around it.
Keeps going to us.cdimage.debian.org, too. No problem here.

- I had to find a template file and download it and hope it worked

This was enough to get  the .jigdo and .template files.

- I had to wonder if it was working

I thought the running totals were adequate.

- I had to realise that when it was building the ISO file Jigdo was not
  really thinking it was finished

I don't understand; must be a perceptual problem.

- I had to figure out what to do when it couldn't download some files

I found it easiest to Google for the missing file and download it to the working directory. Next time I restart Jigdo this file is picked up.

- I had to learn that switching mirrors should make it continue

If one download site doesn't work wouldn't you try another? After a few duds, wouldn't you ask around for a known good download site. Doesn't sound difficult.

- I had to tell it to switch mirrors

...but it's not difficult....

- I had to figure out what to do *then* when it couldn't download some

...I've described what I do. It's easy.

- I had to find an Rsync mirror

I like rsync - but I think Jigdo is easier. The rsync syntax is difficult. Use jigdo instead.

- I had to find the file on the Rsync mirror using Rsync (I missed a

The instructions in the "Pseudo-Image-Kit" are terse but adequate - this is the "Cygwin" rsync I favor.

- I had to run Rsync

This *is* tough - use jigdo instead.

- I had to get the md5sums

Point and click. Not difficult. (This step is in jigdo, by the way.)

- I had to verify the MD5 sum.

You do need the -b switch ... but it's not difficult.

All in all, I'd say it was five times more difficult than downloading an
image with Wget.

...but five wget files are not difficult ... are they?

Regards, Gordon

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