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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

--- Tom Goulet <tomg@em.ca> wrote:
> > FINISHED --03:24:34--
> > Downloaded: 3,925,109 bytes in 10 files
> > Found 10 of the 825 files required by the template
> >  17%  115200k/660832k  writing image
> > But Jigdo never works for me!
> Okay, I just realised it's supposed to do that now.  But it
> was my
> fourth or so difficulty, so I was pessimistic...
> > Could you please either make Jigdo work quickly and easily,
> or stop
> > asking people to use Jigdo?
> I'm still asking for this :)

I've successfully run Jigdo on Linux and on Solaris just by
using the information on this page:


What platform are you using? That might have something to do
with it...


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