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Merging CDs back into distribution tree?

I have an "antique" Pentium-100 laptop I am trying to turn
into a NAT/proxy/router for a home LAN.

However, the laptop does not like the 7-CD set I burned.
The first three CDs were burned on different media and do
work, but the last four are totally unreadable. Meanwhile
my  Win 98 box reads all 7 CDs just fine.

I am able to establish network connectivity between them,
so at this point the plan is to set up an FTP server in
Win98 and make the files available over the LAN to the

The debian CD FAQ at    http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/
suggests this for installing on "many interconnected
computers", but the FAQ does not say exactly how to go
about doing it.

Can I simply make a debian/ directory, and just copy
them all into the same tree, saying "yes" to any
overwrite warnings? Or will this screw up the package

Or, if I just make a bunch of separate CD directories
on the FTP server, will dselect be smart enough to know
which directory paths to use to find a particular
package? For example..

Maybe I need "unjigdo".. where can I get a copy? :)

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