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Re: Windows: problem using jigdo

Shi Sherebrin wrote:
1/6/2003 12:42:02 PM, Richard Atterer <jan2003@nospam.atterer.net> wrote:

Hi Shi,

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 12:06:30PM -0500, Shi Sherebrin wrote:

Using Win2K, and the 0.6.8 Windows package, I have not had any

sucess ...

Well, the way it's intended is that you start jigdo-lite by doubleclicking
on the .bat file, not from the command line. The .bat file also sets up PATH.

investigation still in progress, but thought I'd report back to the list a mod to the batch file that helps:

path jigdo-bin;%PATH%

should become

path .;%PATH%

(since it's just running in the current dir. anyway)

In DOS and Windows (gee, I like to say that), the current dir. is always part of the path, so your suggestion sounds like a no-op.

Robin Y. Millette (aka Lord D. Nattor)

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