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AllDebian, TuxCDs not responding and product didn't come

On 11 December 2002, I ordered 3 Debian distributions (PPC, i386 and
source) from the AllDebian.Com web site.  It still has not come.

I have no e-mail from AllDebian.Com and can't lay hands on an order
number.  However, I received an e-mail from PayPal, where I paid
$72.75, including shipping, which indicated that the money had been
transferred to TuxCDs.Com, with transaction ID 6XA31522LY922331N.

This transaction ID can't be used as an order number, so I can not
get the TuxCDs.Com web site to tell me anything about my order.  I
wrote to sales@tuxcds.com on 24 December 2002, asking about the
order.  I have received no reply to date.

It is now 27 January 2003, so I have given them a month to respond.
At this point, I guess I have to find a new vendor and start over,
plus hassle with PayPal and American Express to revoke payment to
TuxCDs.  I hope PayPal will handle this gracefully, because if I
have to tell American Express to revoke the transaction, PayPal will
most likely close my account.

Perhaps this is an isolated incident, or perhaps their failure to
perform is a well-known if not well-advertised problem; here is one
data point.  Perhaps AllDebian.Com and TuxCDs.Com should be removed
from the vendor list at http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/ (I'd
recommend it, based on my limited experience).

I will be happy to furnish copies of my earlier e-mails (one in, one
out) to anyone who wants to see them.  I'd appreciate a pointer to a
reliable supplier if anyone who reads this would care to venture one.
I'm not really concerned with whether I get 3.0 or 3.0r1 which came
out a week later; I'd rather have CDs than download this much stuff.

						-- Spencer

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