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Re: Images of Debian

On Tuesday 21 January 2003 01:14 pm, Acríso José do Nascimento Júnior wrote:
> where everybody can get the images from Debian.
> This is the problem......
> What image can i get to install it?
> Everyone? The first?
> I have already got the first image and record a CD.
> What is the next step to install it?

There are 7 CDs in v3.0  (I think 4 in v2.2). They are not all required, but 
each disk adds additional packages. They are supposed to be in
order of popularity or necessity.

Once you have CDs, you can start by booting from the 1st CD, if your
computer's BIOS supports "boot from CD".

If not, you will need to find and follow the directions for making and using 
a "boot floppy".

> P.S.: I did know at what idiom would i must write this note.
>         The answer can be in portuguese, if possible.

I can't speak Portugese, but I tried to use simple English. ;-)
However, I think Debian 3.0's installer *does* speak Portugese, so if you can 
get past the above, you should be "home free".

Good luck!
Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

"Some things are too important to be taken seriously"

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