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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

At 04:11 AM 1/26/2003 +0000, Tom Goulet wrote:


I don't need to do that with Wget.

It appears that you really *like* wget and that no tool other than wget will keep you happy. (Jigdo uses wget also.)

My advice then is to abandon jigdo - either the jigdo-lite version or the jigdo-easy version that I favor.


Jigdo (er, jigdo-lite anyways) stops after downloading ten packages, and
them makes an ISO image.  It seemed to me that jigdo-lite was
malfunctioning.  That would not have happened with Wget.

If this bother you (it bothered me) change the script where it says download 10 files at a time. (Caution: there is a trailing blank on that line.)
I recommend you use wget...

> I found it easiest to Google for the missing file and download it to the
> working directory. Next time I restart Jigdo this file is picked up.

That sounds incredibly tedious.  And, I don't need to do that with Wget.

...then use wget

I tried three sites, they all worked, they just didn't have all the
packages.  Another problem that wouldn't happen with Wget.

...then use  wget...

> ...I've described what I do. It's easy.

I wouldn't have to do that with Wget either.

...then use wget....

> >- I had to find an Rsync mirror
I wouldn't have had to do that with Wget either.

...then use wget....

I still wouldn't have had to do that with Wget.
> This *is* tough - use jigdo instead.

...then use wget...

Please excuse me while I yell.  JIGDO DIDN'T WORK.

Pardon me ... Jidgo does work ... it just doesn't work exactly the same as wget.
In your situation, I recommend  wget.


It's difficult when the computer you're running Jigdo on is not in your
house.  And I would have been happy enough with the integrity of the
file if Wget had proceeded uninterrupted that I would not have needed to
bother the MD5 sum.

I'm on dial-up and my friend has a cable modem "all-you-can-eat" connection. (240KBps from Los Angeles to Amsterdam last week.)

My friend runs Windows, by the way.

Regards, Gordon

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