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Re: Debian install server

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 11:06:32AM +0000, sday42@onetel.net.uk wrote:
>I would use an ftp mirror with rsync (and did infact try to)
>however the machine I am running it on only has 10GB of
>storage, and since the way the files are pooled it downloads
>all 3 dists (sid sarge and woody) for i386, which comes to
>around 15GB now
>The NFS exported CD install works great though, it would just
>be easier to admin as a single file

Try debmirror then - it parses the Packages and Sources files to just
get the bits you want, rather than all of the pool structure. On my
laptop I want to keep woody and sarge for i386 only, which I do using
the following wrapper script:


OPTS="--nosource --method=ftp"

debmirror /home/mirror/debian $OPTS --dist=$DISTS \
    --root=debian -h mirror --ignore=non-US/

debmirror /home/mirror/debian/non-US $OPTS
--dist=sarge/non-US,woody/non-US \
    --root=debian/non-US -h mirror

debmirror /home/mirror/debian-security $OPTS --dist=$DISTS \
    --section=updates/main,updates/contrib,updates/non-free \
    --root=debian-security -h mirror

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