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Re: [job #15092] debian 3.0r1

Marcel Kunath <marcel@everythinglinux.com.au> [2003-01-09 10:54:05 +1100]:
> If a Debian guru can come up with a way to create a 
> Debian 3.0r0 -> 3.0r1 Update CD
> then we are most happy to supply this disc to our Debian customers.

That would be a useful thing.  I know that I would also like to have
an update CD available.  I have a number of friends with only slow
network access that I supply with Debian updates.  Currently that
means burning a number of CD's for each of them.  An update would
allow only a single CD to incrementally update them.

The possibility of an update CD been discussed briefly on this list
just recently.  I think it will eventually happen.  But from browsing
the list archives I could not see that anyone had committed to making
update CD images available.  But let me second you that I also think
they would be very useful and I would like them as well.

But so far "official" images of 3.0r1, let alone updates, have not
been available yet.  I think most of us have been trying to wait
patiently for official images to appear and are not making any noise
until that happens.  I have seen several "unofficial" images,
however.  All of the Debian web pages still document that 3.0r0 is the
currently official release bits.

Anxious for the "official" images, even though I personally update
across the network regularly.


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