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Re: I don't think I've ever gotten Jigdo working

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 03:00, jason andrade wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, bob parker wrote:
> > Out of curiosity can you download a full cd iso on a dialup connection
> > that is dropped every 4 hours using wget?
> >
> > At the very least you have to find a site that supports resume.
> isn't resume supported by most ftp servers nowadays ?  and/or isn't
> resume support part of the http 1.1 spec ? i'm not too sure about
> the latter, but i was sure apache supported it.
> regards,
> -jason

I just would not know. In practice for me using Mozilla 1.0, resume after a 
break generally does not happen.

The beauty of jigdo is that I could download my iso file by file if I needed 
to. From a more practical point of view it was quite easy to produce a set of 
7 - 3.0r1 cds starting with my existing set of 3.0r0 cds and using my dialup 
connection 4 hours at a time.

Of course it was more bothersome than just `wget blah-blah.iso` but without 
being on a broadband connection I don't think that I would even attempt to 
use wget for that.


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