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Re: More info on 3.0r1 update images

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 03:29:30PM +0100, Gianfranco Di Prinzio wrote:
>The scripts look at Packages files, and search package names and versions.
>The missed packages are not on these files, but are on Packages.gz on remote
>I nedd to check if they are on the CDs.
>> I've grepped of this list against my lists (r0list, r1list and
>> r0-r1.diff) and I get:
>> r0list:dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/graphics/tkxanim_0.43-5.deb
>> pool/non-US/main/f/freeswan/kernel-patch-freeswan_1.96-1.4_all.deb not found anywhere
>> There are a few of your files that are not in either the 3.0r0 or
>> 3.0r1 CDs - they were presumably excluded for a reason, but I can't
>> think why. And all the ones that are only in r1 also show up in the
>> diff (this matches the list of mistakes that you sent just after this
>> mail). But almost all of the files you list appeared in both r0 and r1
>> as far as I can see, which explains why they're not in the diff...
>The lists r0list and r1list are taken from CDs or from repository?
>If they came from CDs I don't understand why they are on your and not
>on mine.

They are all from CDs.

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