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Automatic download mode for jigdo?

I understand this is all a volunteer effort and so you can't
expect installing Debian to be as easy as installing, say,
Windows 98, but.. :)

It would be nice if jigdo could do most of the hunting for
files by itself, rather than me having to supply it with

Personally, I rather dislike the way I'm supposed to guess
which mirror I should use, because most mirror lists provide
far too little information for me to know if my choice is
really a "good" one.

A good mirror to me is a close mirror.. one that does not
necessary tie up the Internet too much, or travel further
than necessary to get the job done.

Except just geographical information is often not good
enough. If I visit the website of the school where I work,
it is physically 15 miles away from me. But by network, the
signal actually goes south some 500 miles to the main hub in
Chicago, then up to Minneapolis, then back over here some
200 miles to me.. probably a good thousand miles round-trip.

If I were running a Debian mirror there at school, it would
in fact be better to IGNORE it and use one in Chicago
instead, since "by wire" the Chicago mirror would actually
by "closer". But if I had not done manual traceroutes, I
likely would not have known which one is "really" a close
mirror for me.

I think it'd be far better if jigdo were to just give the
user a generalized list of continent-level regions, then
narrow it by one level, and determine the next step of which
mirrors to use by itself.

(Actually, I think it'd be nice if most of the process could
be automated so the user needs only to type a few characters
while jigdo auto-finds and auto-downloads whatever it needs
by itself. But this is probably asking for too much of a
volunteer effort.)

Something like this, perhaps?


To help Jigdo find a mirror near you, please choose the
continent nearest you:
  1. North America      5. Africa
  2. South America      6. Australia
  3. Europe             7. Antarctica
  4. Asia

Selection: 1

Please choose your general location in/around North America:
  1. Continental United States    5. Alaska
  2. Canada                       6. Hawaii
  3. Mexico                       7. Cuba
  4. Greenland

Selection: 1

Getting regional mirror list from http://www.debian.org/mirror/list...

Checking 32 mirrors in your region. Please wait..
  Hops: 11  Ping: 147  ftp.us.debian.org
  Hops: 7   Ping: 104  ftp.debian.org
  Hops: 14  Ping: 166  ftp.egr.msu.edu
  **Cannot contact     ftp.ndlug.nd.edu
  Hops: 12  Ping: 122  mirrors.rcn.net
  Hops: 9   Ping: 242  ftp.rutgers.efu
  Hops: 5   Ping: 97   linux.csua.berkeley.edu

Saving results of mirror check..

Jigdo recommends these top five mirrors:
  1. Hops: 5   Ping: 97   linux.csua.berkeley.edu
  2. Hops: 7   Ping: 104  ftp.debian.org
  3. Hops: 11  Ping: 147  ftp.us.debian.org
  4. Hops: 12  Ping: 122  mirrors.rcn.net
  5. Hops: 13  Ping: 144  ftp.silug.org

Select one (or type 0 to choose another region): 1

Getting list of available .jigdo images...

Do you want the current distribution? y

Here are the current disitributions.
  1. DEC    4. i386   7. MIPS      10. SPARC
  2. ARM    5. IA64   8. PowerPC
  3. HPPA   6. M68k   9. S390      11. Sourcecode

Select one: 4

There are seven CD ISOs in the current i386 distribution:

(NOTE: You only need CD #1 to install the rest over a network)
  1. woody-i386-1      5. woody-i386-5
  2. woody-i386-2      6. woody-i386-6
  3. woody-i386-3      7. woody-i386-7
  4. woody-i386-4

Select a CD ISO to download: 1

Saving selections...

Auto-downloading .jigdo image template from nearest

Building ISO image...


ERROR downloading ISO component! Do you want Jigdo to
automatically try the next mirror nearest to you?
(Jigdo will auto-select "Yes" in 1 minute.)
Your selection:

(Auto-selected Yes.)

Building ISO image...


ISO Completed.

Since this is an all-volunteer effort, I am probably
asking for too much here. But I just wanted to ask.. :)

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