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Re: 3.0r1 DVD/netinst images

> >On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 10:37:11PM +0100, Uwe Stein wrote:
> >Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >>Good point. I'll have a play on open tomorrow when I'm awake.
> >Hi Steve,
> >i know that you a hard working man, but what is with your play?
> I was trying to make some images on open and it crashed a couple of
> times while I was trying to use it. I'm trying again now.

Why did it crash ? Because there was not enough disk space or because
there are problems with some packages or debian-cd ?
I tried to master a DVD ISO with debian-cd and failed miserably -
are there all tasks for woody DVD inside debian-cd and are the
contents what we would need ?

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