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'tuxcds.com' Vendor Woes

I placed  an order with  tuxcds.com back on  12/17 which I've  not yet
received.   Even allowing  for slower  holiday shipping  throughput, I
think  I  should  have  gotten  this  order  by  now.   My  emails  to
'sales@tuxcds.com' and 'shipping@tuxcds.com' haven't been answered, so
I've started doing a little  research, and I've been chagrined to find
a number  of other customers have  had problems quite  similar to mine
(unreceived orders, unanswered emails). Several of them have posted to
this mailing list ---  and interestingly enough, someone at tuxcds.com
*does* answer  those messages (at least,  most of the  time), and even
seeks to resolve the problems.

So, this message is something  of an experiment. Before pursuing other
options, I thought  I'd post my problem here in the  hopes that it can
be  resolved amicably  and  satisfactorily with  tuxcds.com (via  this
indirect email connection).  At this point I'm willing to believe that
tuxcds simply  has a  little *too* much  web automation for  their own
good, without a human eye providing some QA checking to be sure orders
are actually  shipped or emails  answered.  (OTOH, my credit  card was
charged with handsome and breathtaking rapidity.)

To tuxcds.com: I'd really like to receive order #11083. Can you help?

To the maintainers of the Debian Vendor List: You may want to consider
qualifying some of your vendor listings as 'Casino' options as opposed
to actual purchasing opportunities.

I'll  post followups  as  necessary  so other  list  readers can  make
informed decisions when ordering Debian CDs.

 Vance W. Petree | W: 804-273-3276 | Dominion Resources Services, Inc.
 Senior Systems  | H: 804-358-7659 | P. O. Box 26666, IN-2N  
 Architect       | E: vwp@acm.org  | Richmond, VA  23261     

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