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/etc/{passwd,services} entry for contrib/non-free packages /usr/X11R6/share? Ack! "Broken Libc" Bug#27050 (fdutils): A cause for security concern? RE: Bug#30680: gmp3: libjpeg version errors co-maintainer wanted for mysql packages configuration file placement DESTDIR build problem Re: dev and dbg packages diversions!? arrrgghhh!!!! Doing a equivs rewrite, question to copyright and apt Field size in ps gtk and gnome version help how do I create orig.tar.gz archive ? How to package a library (both shared and static)? ignore this... incorrect-package-test Interesting delema (xfig, debhelper, and doc-base in frozen slink) Re: is this a bashism? Java packages jed_0.98.7-13 problems library packaging howto? libtricks instead of fakeroot libvdk 0.5.1 ready for testing Lintian error: executable-in-usr-doc lintian warning about a perl script mh-book compressed html files mh-book compressed html files, CGI search engine, postscript version more questions on update-inetd and the like my mutt-ja should be non-international ? need to replace .orig.tar.gz Re: No upstream version, et al no utmp entry? non-root password lookups? Re: non-root password lookups? [LONG] off topic/learning C Re: off topic/learning C [Long] orig.tar.gz archive pgp problem for package signing RE: question on interaction between net-base and replacement dae question on interaction between net-base and replacement daemons rejoin to mail lists seek help with cheap network card Some new largish packages: please comment Re: tex4ht - Debian package (fwd) Version specific packages What to do? wmaker has a critical problem while updating alternatives x/app-defaults, how to handle them correctly? The last update was on 06:42 GMT Sat May 11. There are 167 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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